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Computer Scientist Inc., a computer and engineering sciences company dedicated to provide software services and solutions for government, telecommunication, and financial sector. We offer our clients Software Development, Database Management, SOA Services, and Oracle Consulting services. We maximize our client’s technology investment by offering solutions in Enterprise Software Development, Legacy Software Extendibility, Data Management, Enterprise Reporting, Service Oriented Design, and Business Process Engineering.  Our services and solutions are designed to support full project life cycle. We have laid the foundation for many successful projects from inception to release. Our key objectives are to deliver quality services and solutions and build long-term relationships with our customers.  

See how we can help your organization:

If any of your business activities needs to be automated, see how our Software Development Services can help you.

Does your organization IT software consist of a number of custom applications working in their silos with  minimum interconnectivity and redundant functionality? See how our Enterprise Software Solutions can be of help to you.

Does your organization depend heavily on a number of reliable legacy software applications, yet these applications are in need of upgrade? See how our Legacy Software Extendibility Solutions can help you to save your legacy applications.

If your organization runs multiple databases, see how our Database Support Services can help you.

Do you have an organizational data dictionary? Is your organization’s data fragmented? Are there data inconsistencies across your organization? See how our Data Management Solutions can fix your organizational data.

If you are a medium or a large organization with a sizable IT infrastructure running multiple custom software applications, you should consider Service Oriented Architecture? Let us show you how, see our SOA Services.

Does your organization use or consider using Oracle Database and/or Oracle Middleware Fusion products? See how Oracle Consulting practice can help your organization.

Have you considered improving software application reporting across your organization? Let us show how, see our Reporting Solutions.

Business Process Engineering enables us to look at organizational functions as a series of processes. These processes will be designed across functional areas. Let us introduce you to this new way of thinking and see how BPM Architecture Solutions can help you.

Are you looking at SOA to improve your IT operations? Examine your options through our SOA Design Solutions. 


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