Our mission is to help your organization succeed


Computer Scientist Incorporated,  a computer and engineering sciences company  with a world of knowledge in software development and product development.  We  have been serving clients since early 1990s with mission to help them succeed and deliver the very best to their customers.  We specialize in enterprise software development. Our services covers full software life cycle, from planning up to delivery.  We work with our clients  shoulder-to-shoulder during each phase of software life cycle with objectives to  make sure each phase completes successfully  and stays under budget.    We emphasize heavily on user experience.  The software designed, developed, tested, and delivered under our watch must meet the highest quality in terms of accuracy, performance, availability, reusability, and sharing across enterprise while giving the users the very best of experience in user interface, accessibility, and collaboration.  We have evolved with the software industry  for the past twenty years.  We have experienced the software technologies of the past, know what are the best software technologies to use today, and know how to plan for technologies that are on the horizon.   Our today's mission is to help our customers transforms their software delivery form product oriented to service oriented.  For this transformation we are introducing our clients to concepts such as Service Oriented Architecture, Business Process Engineering, Enterprise Service Design, Service Registry, Centralized Security, Virtualization, and Cloud Computing.


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